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Attridge Consulting is a dedicated group of experts focused on helping healthcare professionals build a profitable business.

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About Us

Attridge Consulting exclusively represents healthcare professionals.  We offer the business expertise to complement the medical expertise of practitioners, whether the objective is opening new practices, expanding locations, moving a practice or renewing a lease.


We deliver the highest level of expertise and customer service to the healthcare industry in Western Canada. Specializing in healthcare gives us an edge by leveraging our expertise in the commercial real estate industry when sourcing, negotiating and securing a lease or sale opportunity. We recognize the uniqueness of our clients’ needs, which is why we provide tailor-made solutions.


Dr. Evan Ayers

"The most valuable part of Attridge representation is that they understand what's involved in building out a new practice. They assessed the suitability of the potential space, gave me a realistic timeframe of the processes, and factored those into negotiating the real estate transaction.

I would recommend Attridge Consulting to my colleagues, especially to those who are unsure of whether their desired potential locations are financially viable. The team may suggest alternative locations based on his knowledge of real estate growth trends, which is an invaluable asset."

Dr. Jennifer Graas

"After meeting with Attridge Consulting, it was clear that they knew very well the commercial real estate market and what was available for retail space in downtown Calgary. Their connections allowed them to find a beautiful space for my clinic while helping me secure a very favourable lease. Jason was a real advocate for my interests throughout the process."

Dr. Clive Bethel

"I felt I was in good hands with Attridge Consulting because they were always looking for my best interest and available to consult during the process. Their support greatly reduced my stress. I recommend Jason's team to my colleagues because they are professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with."