Commercial Real Estate Solutions for Dentists

At Attridge Consulting we know that each dental practice is different. This is why we provide tailored commercial real estate solutions for each of our clients.

We combine our years of expertise in commercial real estate with our experience catering to dentists and other healthcare professionals. We understand your specialized focus and can help you with all your commercial real estate needs, without conflict of interest.


Documentation is a critical component for all successful commercial real estate transactions. It is the communication pipeline that guarantees that the specific needs of your dental office are appropriately communicated to the other party. Our documentation solutions provide confidence for our clients to move their dental practice forward. Examples of documentation include:

  • Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Offer to Lease (OTL)
  • Offer to Purchase (OTP)
  • Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA)
  • Build-to-Suit Agreement
  • Lease Transfer/Sublease
  • Lease Renewal
  • Work Schedule

Acquiring or disposing of commercial real estate is a complex undertaking. Our expert commercial real estate consultants will guide you through the process while providing you with tools and knowledge to make intelligent business decisions.



Are you thinking about relocating your dental practice? We help our clients through the process of relocating their dental office so they can have a smooth, seamless transition and keep their focus on their patients.


  • How much time do I have with my current lease?
  • Do I have any rights if the landlord is terminating my lease?
  • Was my lease indemnified?
  • Where should I relocate?

Our commercial real estate expertise and market intelligence give you the tools and information you need so you can make informed decisions during the whole relocation process.

Leasing or subleasing commercial real estate is a complex undertaking. We deliver outstanding results by seamlessly combining commercial real estate expertise with our knowledge of the healthcare industry and our ability to develop customized solutions for each of our clients.


Attridge understands your dental practice and your commercial real estate needs.

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