Starting A Dental Practice

Starting a practice

Is a major professional step for a dentist. While very gratifying, the process can be challenging without expert support and become very stressful and expensive. We assist you in finding the perfect location and negotiating the best terms, giving you a competitive advantage in your market. We've helped many dentists open successful practices and know what it takes to have long-term, positive results.

We understand that every dental office is different. We work by your side from conceptualization to inauguration day and advise you on the best options for your practice. Our solutions mitigate your risk by using our expertise and contacts in the commercial real estate industry. We follow your vision and goals and help you navigate through each phase, providing you with tools, knowledge and data to avoid making expensive mistakes or wasting precious time.



In a dental practice, we know there are specific requirements. You also have a vision and business objectives. We use this first meeting to collect information including: 

  • Your business goals
  • Your personal commitments
  • Your patient profile


We perform comprehensive demographic and geographic research based on the requirements of your oral care office and your vision. Through our in-house software tools we can: 

  • Identify geographic areas that meet your needs
  • Distinguish between weak and strong communities
  • Focus on the strongest areas


We localize the geographic areas that meet your requirements as a dental professional, as well as your business goals, by: 

  • Identifying suitable locations based on your patient profile
  • Understanding area limitations
  • Recognizing area advantages
  • Focusing on strong trade areas


Through our close relationships with local and national landlords, developers and brokerage firms, we will find the location for your dental office through: 

  • Accessing our exclusive database of future and existing commercial real estate properties
  • Utilizing our ability to see a full picture of the market
  • Filtering your preferences


The information pipeline is a critical step for successful negotiations, so we ensure that we:

  • Structure documentation based on each landlord to have a higher success rate
  • Work directly with commercial real estate specialists
  • Document your specific dental requirements
  • Deliver a successful message and procure more inducements


We negotiate from a position of strength and we always look out for your best interests. This means: 

  • We use all the tools at our disposal, gained from our industry knowledge
  • We gain an inside track on the financial parameters between landlord and tenant
  • We secure favourable inducements for you


We take care of all reasonable steps to satisfy the following requirements: 

  • Financing
  • Zoning Assessment
  • Lease review
  • Space planning
  • Construction review


We offer support to ensure team communication and a smooth transition in: 

  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Design
  • Permitting

Our expertise and knowledge in each phase provide you with competitive advantages so you can deliver high-quality oral health care to your patients.


At Attridge Consulting, we provide Market Intelligence solutions that allow us to pinpoint the strongest geographic areas.  We work closely with a broad pool of national and local players in the commercial real estate industry.  Our position as a neutral firm that solely represents healthcare professionals has garnered the trust of landlords, developers, and commercial real estate brokers, who continuously share with us available properties and other opportunities.